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My shopping method to buy designer glasses

I have preference towards designer glasses but I know I may not afford one though I do not have a clear idea of the exact average price. Many of my friends are glasses wearers and our topic lies most on where and how to buy a good pair of eyeglasses successfully. I learn much from my friends and I think it is helpful to talk with them. I find some of my friends show great interest in online shopping because they enjoy this purchase method. In fact, I know there is an increase in the number of online shoppers these days and more and more stores begin to emerge to serve consumers. Continue reading “My shopping method to buy designer glasses”

Hard for me to say that I love my eyeglasses, but I really love my eyes.

My hometown is an impoverished, backward village. When I was at a very young age, people with glasses were almost only seen on the black-and-white television. During those years, glasses were the symbol of knowledge to famers. Out of the desire of knowledge, I was envious of people who wear a pair of glasses very much. If I saw someone with glasses in the street, I would talked to myself, “Wow, so cool. Is he a doctor?” Continue reading “Hard for me to say that I love my eyeglasses, but I really love my eyes.”

Changing My Prescription Eyeglasses Online

At my “initial stage” as an online eyeglasses buyer, it was all new to me. My prescription was for bifocals and I decided I wanted progressive lenses. I had to learn all things about the online prescription eyeglasses buying– PD, frame height, lens types, coatings, etc. It was really a bit exhausting, but fresh and exciting as well. Continue reading “Changing My Prescription Eyeglasses Online”

This winter’s fashion trend: plastic eyeglasses

Have you ever noticed the fact when you browse fashion magazines or watch fashion shows on the TV that many fashion models wear various types of eyeglasses (not sunglasses) to match different dressings or just for cosmic ornaments? Yes, nowadays, eyeglasses are no longer regarded as merely a tool for vision improving; they have become a fashion, and wearing eyeglasses has become a trend. Continue reading “This winter’s fashion trend: plastic eyeglasses”

New prescription eyeglasses give you a new appearance

Christmas is coming! You can not imagine how excited and happy I am! I have been expecting anxiously for the Christmas’ coming for a long time because I had made a commitment with my old senior high school classmates and teachers to have a get-together during Christmas holiday. As a freshman, we had not met each other since graduate from high school. And as a 20 years old girl, I wish to improve my appearance and leave them a new impression. So I changed my hairstyle and carefully chose a dress for that day. However, that did not make me satisfied. Something seems out of tune. My stereotyped-looking prescription eyeglasses! That is the problem! Continue reading “New prescription eyeglasses give you a new appearance”


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